Merriman and youngsters from Newstead Primary place last tyre in unique wall!

YOUNGSTERS from Newstead Primary School played their part in putting the final re-used car tyre in the wall of the Newstead Earth Centre on Friday – part of a huge regeneration project that is breathing new life into a former local mining community. Part of the £400,000 project has included the building of the earth centre made out of hundreds of old tyres

It is believed to be one of the largest tyre walls of its kind in the world. The centre will also have an earth roof to reduce water run-off and special triple glazing, thermal insulation and low energy light bulbs and appliances will make sure the centre is ultra-energy efficient.

The children were invited by the main contractors Merriman to put the final tyre in place and they were joined by some of the volunteers who have helped with the building project – some of whom recalled the days when Annesley Colliery was in full production.

Others attending the ceremony included representatives from Newstead Enterprise, architects Waugh-Thistleton and a range of suppliers and sub contractors who have worked with Merriman on this unusual build project.

“We have been privileged to work on this unique project and it seems fitting that we have included youngsters who represent the future and older volunteers who have been representative of the community’s industrial past – both joining in to celebrate this ground-breaking sustainable initiative,” said Mike Bailey from Merrimans.

Once completed, the centre will be used for educational purposes to show how regeneration can be achieved using renewable materials. It overlooks a newly created fishing lake which will also be managed by the local community

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