Land - Overview

Land is at the heart of the Merriman business. Every project begins with the securing of land, either through acquisition, contract or partnership.

The team puts together a master plan for the land and development, and promotes this through the planning system. This can be on behalf of landowners, for land owned by Merriman, or land included within a joint venture partnership.

Depending on a site’s individual circumstances, on receipt of planning permission it can then be remediated to provide a clean development site, it can be developed, or sold on for development.

In simple terms, Merriman Land secures the site; promotes it; remediates it and then either sells it or builds on it.

A key benefit that Merriman provides within this process is to maximise the development potential of the land, and it is always looking out for new opportunities to work with landowners or investment partners.

If you have land for sale, would like to develop land, or to purchase land for development, the Merriman Land team can discuss the options and benefits on offer to you.

If you would like to discuss a land or investment opportunity, please contact:

Tel: 0116 269 6363