Ketton Quarry, Rutland

Client: Hanson Cement
Location: Ketton Quarry, Rutland
Project brief: To excavate and stockpile mixed esturine clays including segregation

Merriman Remediation was commissioned to excavate and stockpile mixed esturine clays. This required the segregation of alkaline and acidic types to ensure quality assurance control within chemical objectives.

Attrition of the materials required compaction to be achieved within 40/50 kPa, to account for the effects of weathering on moistures and particulate densities.

Hanson Cement was delighted with the work carried out by Merriman. They said the project was approached in a professional and reassuring way and completed on time and within budget.

In keeping with the Merriman approach to business, the whole relationship felt much more like a joint venture rather than a client-supplier. Merrimans took the Hanson brief and ensured smooth delivery.

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