Pool House, Charnwood

Client: The Art of Building
Location: Charnwood, Leicestershire
Job brief: Working with architects to contract build state of the art contemporary home

Merriman Build has recently completed the building of an 8,700 square feet property in a Charnwood conservation village. The house was built over three floors and included a basement swimming pool, gymnasium and cinema.

Built on three acres of landscaped grounds, the contemporary house was a technical challenge for Merriman Build – who spent nearly six months on the groundwork, basement and installing the swimming pool structure. There is a glass-clad bridge/walkway above the state of the art kitchen providing access to guest areas and the family bedroom suites.

Merriman fitted the very latest solar reflective glazing throughout the property and glass was used extensively to increase the sense of space and light.

Pool House is the latest in a number of recent contract projects completed across Leicestershire by Merriman Build.

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