South Celynen, Wales

At the time of acquisition in the 80’s this site was a disused colliery and was bought along with a nearby quarry as well as a spoil heap by Merriman Ltd. The project required the gaining of planning consent for residential use, the restoration of the colliery and the provision of a 30m span bridge across a river to provide access.

Initially the scheme was not actively progressed due to low residential land values. The stone was initially sold on a royalty basis to the quarry operator but later sold, along with the spoil head and land to a local estate.

In the early 00’s Merriman secured consent on the colliery for residential redevelopment. Once consent was gained Merriman remediated the colliery and commenced the installation of £3m worth of infrastructure overcoming significant ground issues along the way.

The site was sold in 2 tranches with the first tranche of 11 acres being sold to Barratts and the second tranche of 7.6 acres to David Wilson Homes. Merriman are currently seeking residential and C2 consents on the remainder of their land holdings.

Key Points to Consider

  • Merriman used planning and remediation skills to rejuvenate a redundant colliery site.
  • A partnership approach was successfully used with planners, architect, engineers and contractors to achieve the result.
  • Merriman resolved issues with the local planning authority, British Rail, Local water authority and County Highways.

Click below to view images of Merriman working on Site at South Celynen, Wales.

South Celynen Wales Images

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