Wadebridge, Cornwall

Merriman submitted an application to Cornwall Council on 7th April 2017 for development on the existing Football Club at Wadebridge, Cornwall and relocation of the existing Football Club to a new site adjacent to Wadebridge School.

Application Number: PA17/03835

Full permission for the erection of 146 houses and flats, office building, erection of new sports club house, all-weather ‘3G’ pitch and other sports pitches and facilities, associated shared car parking and new pedestrian access to primary school, open space and associated highway works. On land to the east of Bodieve Road on Wadebridge Football Club site, on land to the west of Bodieve Road adjacent to Wadebridge School and on land to north of Gonvena Hill.

Tenure plan:

Proposed layout, with 3G pitch outlined in blue:

Proposed south-west elevations of the clubhouse and grandstand:

Application Number: PA17/03837

The application PA17/03835 is submitted alongside an Outline application for up to 300 dwellings on land to the west of the proposed site, located to the east of Trevilling Quay and to the north of Gonvena Hill.

These two applications have been submitted in tandem as part of a strategic planning approach to this area of Wadebridge that would achieve positive outcomes for the various stakeholders involved, including Wadebridge Town Football Club, Wadebridge School Wadebridge Primary Academy. The provision and associated sale of the houses on the outline site (Gonvena) would enable the delivery of the relocated football club and the Bodieve residential site along with the associated affordable housing provisions of 30%, highway improvements and enhanced sports facilities.

The plan below provides a visual overview of the two application sites.

The proposals provide a unique and exciting opportunity to contribute to the identified housing requirements within Wadebridge, and for the schools, the football club and the wider Wadebridge community to not only benefit from improved facilities but also from significant improvements to the highway network that will benefit Cornwall’s north coast.

Benefits delivered by scheme to include:

  • New modern sports facilities
  • 1 Million pound contribution to Wadebridge School towards performing arts centre
  • Improved highway network easing traffic congestion in Wadebridge and access to the North Coast
  • Up to 450 houses towards Cornwall’s housing needs
  • 30% affordable housing provision
  • Comprehensive network of cycle and pedestrian routes to aid connectivity with Wadebridge Town
  • New modern office facilities at Gateway to Wadebridge
  • New Car Park providing extra parking spaces for Wadebridge Primary Academy
  • New Safe Access with shared surface for Wadebridge School.

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