Aggregate and Minerals – Quarry


Construction Aggregates

Carnsew Quarry

Merriman Limited have been operating since 2004 and have recently secured a 5 year extension to our contract with Colas to operate the quarry and manage and produce 200,000 tonnes of granite aggregate per annum.

Goonmaris Quarry

From 2014 we have been contracted by Denis May & Sons Ltd a well-known local Cornish business to produce 250,000 tonnes of aggregates per annum from china clay waste for use in the manufacturing of construction blocks.

Penwithick Quarry

Merriman Limited purchased Bodmin Blocks in 2004 and operated the company employing in excess of 70 staff up to 2009 when the recession forced the business to close. MMC a Merriman company are currently based at this site.

Merriman Limited still own the 20 acre site that Bodmin Blocks occupied. We have commenced a project to deliver a mixed use scheme of modern industrial business units and sustainable housing on this land. This will benefit the community by regenerating Penwithick, through enhancing the landscape, providing job opportunities and sustainable housing and by opening up access to ancient woodland.

We have started discussions with the local Parish Council and CCC on our proposals who have given positive feedback and support for such a scheme.

Tredinnick Quarry 

Merriman Ltd purchased this site freehold in 2007.

This is an active quarry that is not currently being worked. The mineral deposit is a source of high quality road aggregate that unfortunately over recent years has not been in demand due to reduced budgets by councils for highway maintenance.

Currently need for this product is increasing and has to be imported from outside Cornwall and overseas. It is our intention to re-open Tredinnick to meet this local demand and maximise the export potential. This will bring jobs and wealth back into the local economy.